Lucchini Garment Bag


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The perfect, all-in-one travel bag for any well-dressing individual.  14 oz. Gridwax Canvas shell with two exterior patch pockets and convenient handling.  Nylon Ripstop lining creates the perfect space for hanging garments, whether a suit or dress.  The interior also includes 3 separate pockets for organization.  Each end-cap has its own specific use–one is used for laundry collection and the other serves as an additional partitioned pocket.  The combination of nylon ripstop and waxed canvas make this bag virtually impenetrable by water, affording extra protection for your wardrobe!  Comes with adjustable cross-body strap with shoulder pad.  For longer trips that required additional luggage, this bag also features a panel on the back to make stacking easy–just slide the handle of your luggage through and keep on truckin’!

This product is made-to-order and is typically shipped within two to three weeks of placing the order.

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